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General Dentistry in Kenmore

At Princeton Dental, we are passionate about providing patients with the best in dental care, with a straightforward approach and at an affordable price.

Our clinic has been in Kenmore for more than 25 years, serving generations of families over the last three decades. We offer checks and cleans, children’s dentistry, and emergency dentistry. Our team will also perform extractions and fissure sealing and offer recommendations for sports mouth guards and sleep apnoea.


our treatment room

Check and Cleans

Check and cleans allow our dental team to provide a deep cleaning and take X-rays of your teeth. These appointments are important because they catch any decay early on when it is more easily treated. They will also check your soft tissues and perform an oral cancer screening. The teeth cleaning then includes ultrasonic, polish and fluoride application.

Dr Nina with child patient

Children’s Dentistry

Dentists Dr Nina Ong and Dr Luke Dodd love helping kids feel positive about seeing the dentist. During an appointment, our dentists will provide a check and clean for your child at their pace to ensure they’re comfortable and feeling safe throughout the visit. As the child ages, our dental team will advise you regarding additional treatments like fissure sealing and orthodontic assessments.

person with dental pain

Emergency Dentistry

When the worst happens, like a broken tooth or one that has been knocked out, a lost filling or crown, pain in the mouth, toothaches, or facial swelling, you need immediate answers and care. We know that dental emergencies can happen anytime, and we offer a 24/7 Emergency Dental Service to address your urgent dental needs.

If you’re facing a dental emergency, you can call us anytime.

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Sports Mouth Guards

If you or your child participate in sports activities, protecting your smile is important. Our dental practice facilitates the creation of properly fitted mouth guards for our patients, providing the necessary protection against potential dental traumas. Our experienced team takes an accurate mould of your top teeth, ensuring a comfortable and tailored fit. Many health funds will provide full or partial cover for a new mouth guard every year as children’s teeth and jaw size can change each year!

woman grimacing with tooth pain


Tooth extractions may be necessary when it’s impossible to save a tooth due to deep vertical root fractures or extensive decay that has rendered the tooth beyond repair. We may also need to perform an extraction to create space for braces at the guidance of a specialist orthodontist.

little girl having teeth cleaned

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants offer a protective barrier for children’s teeth. They fill in deep grooves and fissures in a tooth, making it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas in the mouth and reducing the risk of decay. They are a non-invasive, simple treatment that kids even as young as 5 or 6 years of age handle extremely well in the chair.

man getting fitted with mouthguard

Sleep Apnoea – Night Guards/Splints

Patients with sleep apnoea may experience grinding, clenching, and difficulty breathing during their sleep, which can lead to unintentional damage caused to your teeth while you slumber.

Similar to sports mouthguards, our practice custom-fits patients for night guards. These custom-made devices protect your teeth while you sleep, preventing further damage.

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It’s time to regain control over your dental hygiene and oral health. We are a preferred provider with several health funds and accept the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and DVA.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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