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Children’s Dentistry in Kenmore

Dr Nina with child patientFor over 25 years, Princeton Dental has provided outstanding dental care for children of all ages. Dr Nina Ong and Dr Luke Dodd love helping kids develop a positive relationship with the dentist office to help set them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

What to Expect

For a child’s first visit, we aim to build trust and rapport with them by making their visit fun and completely non-threatening. If they’re at all nervous, we’ll give them a ride up and down on the chair, show them the equipment and let them push all the buttons and simply have a good time. Then we’ll schedule their “real” visit for a week or so later.

At that visit (or at the first visit, if your child isn’t nervous), we will do a checkup on their teeth. We take our time and work at the child’s pace to ensure they’re comfortable and feeling safe throughout the visit.

If we detect any problems, we will discuss treatment options with you. At the end of the visit, we have a treasure box of toys your child can choose, and we’ll give them some scratch-and-sniff stickers.

Orthodontic Assessments

At around ten years old, we’ll examine your child to see if all of their adult teeth are coming properly, in the right position and without delays. If we feel there are issues with the alignment of their teeth, we will refer them to a local orthodontist for a consultation.

Fissure Sealants

Adult molars can have deep grooves in the surface, called fissures. These molars come in around age six and have to last a lifetime, and it can be difficult for little ones to properly clean the grooves. If your child has fissures, we may recommend sealing them to ensure they can keep the teeth clean. It’s a simple, painless process that fills in the grooves to create a smooth tooth surface.

Schedule Today

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child. We accept the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and DVA.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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